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Mezcal Bar

About us

It is probably safe to say that mezcal appeals to a different breed of a drinker of tequila. Mezcal seems more like a natural fit for the hip, discriminating urbanite with a yen to discover an obscure liquor and call it his or her own. Consider the spirit’s profile: mezcal is organic, stepped in tradition, crafted in small batches by small farms, and is the very essence of an artisanal liquor. Getting to know mezcal is like getting to know different people and deciding if you like them or not! That’s the main thing about mezcal you have a lot of tradition and background for each one, so it’s a universe of different flavors, it’s a beautiful thing. This smoky elixir should be considered a sipping liquor, not something you cavalierly fling back and down in one gulp. As you take your first sip, you should swish it around in your mouth to open up your palate and allow your taste buds to acclimate to the strong tang of the alcohol.

This method also gives you a better ability to distinguish the many flavors and subtleties in a fine mezcal.
In short, treat a quality mezcal the same way you would a glass of fine wine or brandy-sip it, swish it, and then savor it. An increasing number of distillers now make a special effort to improve the living conditions and financial stability of the villages where their palenques are located, often through educational and recreational programs and by helping their employees maintain valuable cultural traditions.
The cheer in mezcal is STIGIBEU and it means, to your health, to the health of your friends, and the life of mother earth and with gratitude to the gods that brought us agave. It’s respectful, it’s connected to the planet and the life cycle of the plants.